Sunday, June 30, 2013

Home at last

I have been meaning to write this since we got home over a month ago! I thought you might be interested in learning how we got home from New York. We researched several methods of getting from our hotel to the airport. The plane left at 10 a.m. from Newark Airport, so we knew we had to leave early - rush hour and all! Since our train was delayed when we arrived 10 days before, we were concerned we might have the same problem and wanted to give ourselves plenty of time.

So, we were up at 5:30 a.m., all packed, checked out, and ready to go. We pulled our suitcases outside the hotel and up the block to the M86 bus on the corner. That took us to the subway stop on Lexington Ave. Don carried our suitcases down the stairs to the train which took us to Penn Station. We used the final day of our Metro 7 day pass to pay for these trips!

At Penn Station we had to buy a ticket for the train that took us to Newark via the Lincoln Tunnel. We got off at the AirTrain station which is the train that goes around the airport to all of the terminals. That costs another $5 each. But, we got to the terminal in plenty of time and were able to regroup while waiting for the plane.

When we arrived at LAX we planned to take public transportation to our home in Santa Monica. We took an airport shuttle (free) from the terminal to the Airport Transportation Center where all the local buses stop. Our own Santa Monica Big Blue Bus, #3 stops there so for 50 cents each and an hour of travel we were deposited at the corner of Montana Ave & Centinela Ave, just a block from home! We were happy to be home, but already looking forward to returning (after all we still have money on our Metro card).