Wednesday, July 5, 2017

2017 trip to Washington DC and New York City

Samantha & Suzanne relax on her deck
 I can’t believe that we have been gone for over a week! This is our third year to spend a week in Washington DC attending the DAR Continental Congress and then spending the following week or so in Manhattan. I have procrastinated writing this blog because I wasn’t sure I had much new to say!

We left Santa Monica on Saturday, June 24 and flew direct to Washington. Samantha S was kind enough to offer her newly purchased house as our staging ground for the week in DC.  Even though she had to go to work, she was the perfect hostess. We had our own room and bath and the full use of the kitchen. Her parents, friends from LA, were also visiting so we did lots together.

Our time was spent going to the National Archives I and II and the Colonial Dames and the DAR Libraries to do genealogy research. We attended several evening activities in Continental Hall, I sang in the DAR chorus, and we went to the Schools Luncheon on Friday. All in all it was a successful trip.
Suzanne at Madonna of the Trails statue in Bethesda MD

On Sunday, July 2, Don and I moved on to New York City via the train from Union Station to Penn Station. From there we found our way to our hotel, the Fairfield Inn on 58th Street between 10th and 11th Avenue. We have a compact room on the 13th floor with a view of the office building across the way! We had dinner at a Greek restaurant around the corner and readied ourselves for a week and a half of activities in the City. 

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