Thursday, July 6, 2017

Going to the movies in NYC

Our hotel is in a rather spectacular location for the activities that we like to do – close to Lincoln Center, Columbus Circle and Central Park, Carnegie Hall, and Hell’s Kitchen. So, on Monday, July 3 we headed over to Lincoln Center to see what was going on. We approached it from the back (10th Avenue) and actually entered through a part we had never walked on before. We saw there was an Asian Film Festival in one of the new film theaters, the Francesca Beale Theater. So we bought tickets for the 6:30 show. We had time to do some shopping and eat before we were back for the movie, Okja. It was a delightful Korean film with an ecological message involving a super pig, a 10 year old Korean girl, and an evil corporation run by Tilda Swinton and her twin sister! I hope it has some commercial success.

Tuesday was the Fourth of July, so we figured we had to find some non tourist things to do. We bought a one week subway pass (the world’s best bargain for $16, senior rate.) We actually ended up doing a lot of walking. We visited Grand Army Plaza at 5th Avenue and Central Park. The statue of General Sherman has been newly gilded and the Pulitzer Fountain in front of the Plaza Hotel was running – two beautiful, old monuments. We also looked at the temporary outdoor art installation consisting of several concrete chairs, sofas, and free standing windows emulating the sitting room of a torn down 5th Avenue mansion.
Don sitting in "The Living Room"

Suzanne admires Morpho's Nest in the CadmiumHouse

We then walked to Park Avenue to see an installation of painted concrete slabs in the median. That left us rather cold! But the better thing was when we decided to see the movie “Wonder Woman” at a nearby theater. Paying $17 each for tickets to sit in a lounge chair and watch a big screen film did rather set us back on our heels! By the time we got back to our hotel we decided the best thing would be to watch the fireworks on TV and that WAS the best!

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